Soft and strong leather for special chairs and seats.

The leather, which we use for our chairs and seats, is tanned inside the leather district of Vicenza. This is world famous for its processing qualities. The tanner masters in Vicenza turn raw bovine hires, which come from Europe and South America, into leather. It is a first quality material, it doesn’t contain poisonous substances and it is, at the same time, very soft and strong. It is perfect for chairs and seats of the best manufacture and strength. Its average thickness goes from 1,9 to 2,0 mm.

Ecological and inexpensive: the regenerated leather for chairs and seats.

For the ones who are looking for a product that is inexpensive and respectful of the environment, we manufacture chairs and seats lined with regenerated leather. It is an ecological material and it doesn’t contain poisonous substances. All the regenerated leather, which we use, is produced by leather remains. They are mixed with resins and special fats. This regenerated leather is versatile and inexpensive and it can be coloured and finished up with printings for realizing creative seats.

Soft and strong ecological leather for the lining of chairs, seats and furniture fittings.

The ecological leather for our chairs is soft, bright and strong as the leather is. On the other side, it is deprived of elements of animal origin. It is formed by an anti-tear net weft, made up by nylon and cotton, on which a layer of rubber or polyurethane is spread. Its thickness goes from 0.8 to 2.0 mm. The ecological leather is yielding and versatile and it fits to all the models of chairs, seats, or stuffed armchairs. It is particularly suitable to the articles with narrow curves and corners. It is available with different types of printings and of colours. It is similar to the best leather, both to the touch and at the sight. This kind of leather keeps the look of your seats unaltered through the time.

Vegetable leather is the perfect type of material for the creation of high design furnishing items that highlight the value of Made in Italy.

It is a material, always of animal origin, which however is vegetable tanned, the oldest and most traditional treatment that the expert Tuscan tanners hand down from generation to generation. This tanning involves the use of natural substances, such as vegetable tannins, which give the leather different shades of brown, more or less intense, depending on the plant of origin. Each leather has its own distinctive features, such as veins and scars, which give beauty and elegance to the final product. It is a very resistant material that "matures over time", both because it absorbs the characteristics of experience, and because of its sensitivity to external agents such as sunlight, humidity and heat.

The upholstery leather that we use is perfect for making upholstered seats and chairs of high design and excellent workmanship that highlight the Made in Italy

Entirely of natural origin, free of substances harmful to health, tanned in the Vicenza district, known worldwide for its quality. It is a soft and delicate material, but robust at the same time. Each leather has imperfections, such as veins, wrinkles, scars, which are not to be considered defects, but rather as distinctive elements that give beauty and elegance to the final product

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