Artisan ability, technology and Italian production: the secret of the manufacturing by Sillc for the seats of design. We have been manufacturing leather seats for more than 25 years. Our knowledge of the processing and of the lining materials, joined to the ability of our team members, make us to produce simple and elegant articles of design, with a quality that is warranted only by the real made-in-Italy product.

How do we operate? First of all, we select the materials and control them carefully, so that there couldn’t be flaws that may damage the seats. Then, we cut and stick the pieces, we trim and sew them on the basis of the design we decided. After these works, we clean each product, we finish it up and box it up for the storage in our warehouse.

The phases of the production are Italian. The raw materials are selected carefully and manufactured both by modern machinery and by our expert craftsmen. In this way, we maintain the same quality in all our furnishing seats.

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