Leather and ecological leather seats by Sillc:
a made-in-Italy tradition.

We have been processing leather and ecological leather for more than 25 years for the manufacturing
of seats and furniture fittings, which are pleasing, lasting and completely made in Italy. Our company is a family business, which has handed its artisan experience down from father to son and has followed all the processing phases, from the analysis of the models and the selection of the materials, to the carefulness of the final details. The experience that we have gained in the processing of leather and ecological leather let us manufacture all the types of seats and linings for chairs, even on a your own project. Sitting on Sillc chairs, you can try all the comfort and the quality of the real “made in Italy”.

On Sillc chairs you will discover all the comfort and quality of the real made in


Sillc chairs, stools and armchairs in leather and eco-leather:
direct sales and Italian production for quality furnishing accessories

The production and sale of chairs, stools and armchairs for us is like building a house: we start from the structure on which we apply leather, eco-leather and regenerated leather. The frame of the chairs is in metal and can have wooden seats with Italian-made coverings customized according to the design and furnishings in which they must be integrated. Not only armchairs, small armchairs or stools: leather and eco-leather with their warmth and softness transform even the most anonymous of furnishing accessories into one of the most visible accessories in an environment. When made with such care, even a pouf or magazine rack becomes an example of the beauty of Made in Italy.


Upholstery in leather, regenerated leather and eco-leather for chairs and seats that enhance any type of furniture

The quality of our seats is guaranteed by the knowledge of the various types of coverings and by a careful choice of materials including leather, regenerated leather, upholstery leather, vegetable leather and eco-leather. You can choose from many models of chairs, using the coverings that best suit your decor and the style you love for your seats. The warmth and versatility of leather, the eco-friendly convenience of regenerated leather and eco-leather make our chairs lively and welcoming elements for any environment.


From the idea to the product: our design chairs and seats.

You put in the idea, we do the rest: with our 25 years of experience we know how to create the most suitable seats for your type of furniture by producing unique objects with a personalized design. Entirely made in Italy, our seats furnish bars, cafes, hotels, offices and homes with the comfort and elegance of the best design products.

Some of our creations

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