New lines of selling for armchairs and small armchairs from the Sillc production experience

New products increase our lines of selling: armchairs and small armchairs that we realize with the carefulness and precision that characterize all our made-in-Italy production.

The frame is usually made of metal and it can be, according to the design, varnished, chromium plated and lined with leather, regenerated leather and ecological leather or also covered with a matching of all of them. We obtain armchairs and small armchairs that warrant a pleasing comfort. That is why we designed two types of seats, with two different working processes, for different lines of selling and of use. The small armchairs can be completely lined with leather or hire, or have the back and the arms made of leather and the seat of hire and can also be stuffed to assure the best comfort. The materials that make up the small armchair are, of course, of Italian production and are all warranted by strong quality controls.

Some of our creations

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